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Do U Wonder?
The Historical Present

Eugene Morris
Title: Do U Wonder, The Historical Present
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Back in 2002, for our 30th Anniversary, I was on the Best Damn Sports Show, Period.  Nick Buoniconti, Don Shula and I, in three successive weeks, were guests.  The day before the show, a kid called me to do a pre-interview.  His first question was, “The 72 Team, does it ever come up?”  I said, “How old are you?” and he answered with, “I’m 27.”  I said, “So, you weren’t even around then.”  I told him I would have an answer when I came to the studio.

When I came on the show to do the segment, the kid that was doing the interview asked the same question, “The 72 Team, does it ever come up?”  I said, “Like where?  In the supermarket, at the gas station, in the bank line, at the car dealership, in the restaurant, walking down the street? Answer: yes… but let me put it to you like this.” So I pulled out a piece of paper from my pocket and said, “Let me put it to rhyme.”   At that point, I stood up and began to read:

“Did ya ever have a reason to think of a Perfect Season?
Please stand up, please stand up.
Did ya ever know a Joe that went 17-0?
Please stand up, please stand up.
Did ya ever run the table when nobody else was able?
Please stand up, please stand up.
Sad but true, there’s nothing you can do;
The greatest team came through here in 1972.”

That marked the primal beginning of this project.  In 2005 when the Colts went to 13-0, the rumblings began again that maybe, just maybe, this team could be the one to equal the accomplishment of a Perfect Season.  That crescendo lasted for 13 weeks until the Colts “went down in flames” against the Chargers.  2007, enter the New England Patriots, undefeated by declaration at 2-0.  That’s what the experts said, eager to create the bandwagon effect of something called “already always knowing”.  That means that, by “agreement”, the ESPN experts were poised to ride the wave of Patriot domination all the way to the Super Bowl.  By the time the Pats were 12-0, the “declaration” of going undefeated and surpassing the 72 Dolphins was an inevitable forgone conclusion.  The Super Bowl was just a formality that would cap the accomplishments displayed by the Patriots’ complete domination in the regular season.  What nobody told them was that, in order to go undefeated, you’ve got to win every game.

There are three seasons: 1) the regular season, 2) The playoff season, and 3) The Super Bowl.  We found that out when we got our ass kicked by the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl VI.  In 1972, our motivation was different.  We now knew the importance of winning the last game of the season..

In the lyrics of “Do U Wonder,” I tried to convey in today’s terms, using “old school” logic from the 1970’s that the 16 straight games we won in 1972 was just to get the chance to redeem ourselves in the Super Bowl.  The truth is we just happened to go undefeated in the regular season and the playoffs, just to get a chance to play again in the last game of the year.  We were underdogs, which to this day, is astonishing.  We finished the regular season No. 1 in every relevant team statistical category, we broke or established records that still exist, yet the “experts” used the simple reasoning that, “They can’t win 17 games.”  Well, guess what?  We didn’t have to win 17 games; we only had to win one.  On February 3, 2008, in Super Bowl XLII, the Patriots had to win 19 games and the Giants only had to win one. “Do You Wonder” is a State of the Union on the State of Perfection, “where a loss in that game is automatic rejection.”

In the song, I wanted to address some of the background conversations over the years that begged for factual clarification.  These elements would include the people at ESPN, NFL Films, and the 1985 Chicago Bears, who were named the 2nd Best Team in Super Bowl History.  In the end, it would be validated through rhymes that make absolute relevant sense, regarding exactly what it takes to win every game.  The Super Bowl is not the ultimate game, because they play it every year.  The question is, “What is the ultimate season?”  Answer:  There are only two ways to win the World’s Championship:  1) To win every game and, 2) To win every game you have to.  While 41 teams know what it’s like to win every game you have to, only one team knows what it’s like to win every game.  The 1972 Miami Dolphins.

“Do U Wonder” poses the questions, “Do you know what it takes?” and “Have you got what it takes to go and win every game?”  The possibility, in fact, does exist for any team this season to go undefeated.  The Law of Quantum Physics or the Law of Chance affords all 32 teams with that possibility.  When the season starts, the opportunity will begin.  Each team has just as much chance to go undefeated as they do to lose every game. This was witnessed last season when, ironically, the ’07 Dolphins were 0-14, while the Patriots were 14-0.  However the Law of

Probability says the chances of that happening are 1,291 to 1.  The “one” being the 1972 Miami Dolphins.  The 1,291 represents the number of chances that any team playing in the NFL has had since 1972.

The Historical Present is defined as: “the present tense used in relating past events.”  That means, The Perfect Season:  It was 35 years ago… and it’s right this minute!

From now on, this will be our time and this will be our moment, celebrating the accomplishments achieved by only one:  The 1972 Miami Dolphins and the Perfect Season.

(… and I do know that they wonder!)